Version 1.5.1

Version 1.3.3

  • Fixed examples in expressionsTCGA that broke after changes in dplyr, while moving to tibbles.

Version 1.1.15

Version 1.1

  • New parameter allDataSets for downloadTCGA that allows to download all files matching string in the dataSet parameter.
  • New documentation page ?datasetsTCGA.
  • readTCGA has now new method for below files
    • RPPA (reverse phase protein array),
    • mRNA (Merge transcriptome agilent),
    • miRNASeq
    • methylation (methylation datasets)
  • datasetsTCGA documentation has been extended with new datasets for rppa and mrna
  • downloadTCGA now gives a warning when more than one file matches dataSet parameter, and downloads the first matched dataset without FFPE in the name. If all matching datasets have FFPE in the name then the first of them is downloaded.
  • checkTCGA now downloads also sizes with datasets names when one specifies what parameter to DatSets.
  • Updated tests for checkTCGA
  • Added new installTCGA function that can install all packages from RTCGA family.
  • Added new convertTCGA function that converts data.frames from RTCGA family to Bioconductor classes.
  • New examples in readTCGA function documentation concerning the following datasets:
    • methylation
    • RPPA
    • mRNA
    • miRNASeq
    • isoforms

Version 1.0


  • readTCGA
  • infoTCGA
  • checkTCGA
  • downloadTCGA