Function creates heatmaps (geom_tile) for TCGA Datasets.

heatmapTCGA(data, x, y, fill, legend.title = "Expression", legend = "right",
  title = "Heatmap of expression", facet.names = NULL, tile.size = 0.1,
  tile.color = "white", ...)


A data.frame from TCGA study containing variables to be plotted.
x, y
A character name of variable containing groups.
A character names of fill variable.
A character with legend's title.
A character specifying legend position. Allowed values are one of c("top", "bottom", "left", "right", "none"). Default is "top" side position. to remove the legend use legend = "none".
A character with plot title.
A character of length maximum 2 containing names of variables to produce facets. See examples.
tile.size, tile.color
A size and color passed to geom_tile.
Further arguments passed to geom_tile.


heatmapTCGA uses scale_fill_viridis from viridis package which is a port of the new matplotlib color maps (viridis - the default -, magma, plasma and inferno) to R. matplotlib is a popular plotting library for python. These color maps are designed in such a way that they will analytically be perfectly perceptually-uniform, both in regular form and also when converted to black-and-white. They are also designed to be perceived by readers with the most common form of color blindness.


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library(RTCGA.rnaseq) # perfrom plot library(dplyr) expressionsTCGA(ACC.rnaseq, BLCA.rnaseq, BRCA.rnaseq, OV.rnaseq, extract.cols = c("MET|4233", "ZNF500|26048", "ZNF501|115560")) %>% rename(cohort = dataset, MET = `MET|4233`) %>% #cancer samples filter(substr(bcr_patient_barcode, 14, 15) == "01") %>% mutate(MET = cut(MET, round(quantile(MET, probs = seq(0,1,0.25)), -2), include.lowest = TRUE, dig.lab = 5)) -> ACC_BLCA_BRCA_OV.rnaseq ACC_BLCA_BRCA_OV.rnaseq %>% select(-bcr_patient_barcode) %>% group_by(cohort, MET) %>% summarise_each(funs(median)) %>% mutate(ZNF500 = round(`ZNF500|26048`), ZNF501 = round(`ZNF501|115560`)) -> ACC_BLCA_BRCA_OV.rnaseq.medians heatmapTCGA(ACC_BLCA_BRCA_OV.rnaseq.medians, "cohort", "MET", "ZNF500", title = "Heatmap of ZNF500 expression")
## facet example library(RTCGA.mutations) library(dplyr) mutationsTCGA(BRCA.mutations, OV.mutations, ACC.mutations, BLCA.mutations) %>% filter(Hugo_Symbol == 'TP53') %>% filter(substr(bcr_patient_barcode, 14, 15) == "01") %>% # cancer tissue mutate(bcr_patient_barcode = substr(bcr_patient_barcode, 1, 12)) -> ACC_BLCA_BRCA_OV.mutations mutationsTCGA(BRCA.mutations, OV.mutations, ACC.mutations, BLCA.mutations) -> ACC_BLCA_BRCA_OV.mutations_all ACC_BLCA_BRCA_OV.rnaseq %>% mutate(bcr_patient_barcode = substr(bcr_patient_barcode, 1, 15)) %>% filter(bcr_patient_barcode %in% substr(ACC_BLCA_BRCA_OV.mutations_all$bcr_patient_barcode, 1, 15)) %>% # took patients for which we had any mutation information # so avoided patients without any information about mutations mutate(bcr_patient_barcode = substr(bcr_patient_barcode, 1, 12)) %>% # strin_length(ACC_BLCA_BRCA_OV.mutations$bcr_patient_barcode) == 12 left_join(ACC_BLCA_BRCA_OV.mutations, by = "bcr_patient_barcode") %>% #joined only with tumor patients mutate(TP53 = ifelse(!, "Mut", "WILD")) %>% select(-bcr_patient_barcode, -Variant_Classification, -dataset, -Hugo_Symbol) %>% group_by(cohort, MET, TP53) %>% summarise_each(funs(median)) %>% mutate(ZNF501 = round(`ZNF501|115560`)) -> ACC_BLCA_BRCA_OV.rnaseq_TP53mutations_ZNF501medians heatmapTCGA(ACC_BLCA_BRCA_OV.rnaseq_TP53mutations_ZNF501medians, "cohort", "MET", fill = "ZNF501", facet.names = "TP53", title = "Heatmap of ZNF501 expression")
heatmapTCGA(ACC_BLCA_BRCA_OV.rnaseq_TP53mutations_ZNF501medians, "TP53", "MET", fill = "ZNF501", facet.names = "cohort", title = "Heatmap of ZNF501 expression")
heatmapTCGA(ACC_BLCA_BRCA_OV.rnaseq_TP53mutations_ZNF501medians, "TP53", "cohort", fill = "ZNF501", facet.names = "MET", title = "Heatmap of ZNF501 expression")